Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Ta-Dah

Hello Ladies,

This is week 4 of my Crochet-A-Long with Chrissie, Marianne and all of you who have joined in too.
My blanket is finally finished :) 
I wanted to make my Mum a lap blanket for her birthday. She's quite a hard person to buy for and I thought this would be the ideal gift. I had already seen this block made up into blanket on Annette's blog "My Rose Valley" and it looked beautiful. I used King Coles DK for the colours and they were just the sort of colours my Mum would like. They were already in my yarn stash, though for the life of me I can't remember why I bought them as they are not a colour I would of chose for myself. But they were among the first yarns I bought when I first started crocheting again back in March.The cream is by Sirdar/Hayfield called "DK with wool", this I did buy for the blanket and it's really nice to work with.

Now my Mum has Alzheimers and she does come out with some pretty weird and wonderful ideas. She already has a blanket that she uses but it's quite old and when I went up to see her one day she was stuffing it into a black sack, I thought it was because she wanted it washed, but no it was going out for rubbish. When I asked why, she told me it was because it wasn't a fleece. I haven't the foggiest where she has got this idea from, but if something isn't a fleece it's not warm enough.
For nearly two weeks her carer had to monitor the bins as she kept throwing out cardigans, because they weren't a fleece. I have since bought her a few fleece cardigans as she was having none of it when we tried to tell her, her cardi's would be warm enough.
So I could see this blanket being stuffed into a black sack as it wasn't a fleece, lol. I then decided to back it like a quilt with fleece. I bought some cream fleece and buttons as I thought I could use the buttons to tie the fleece to the blanket as you would a patchwork quilt.

When I started to put the buttons on I realised that it spoilt the look of the motif and I wasn't happy with it at all. So then I decided to still use the tie method but to tie it where the 4 corners joined.

I don't know if you can see it properly but it actually worked out quite well and certainly looks better without the buttons and hopefully it won't be going into a black sack :)

Here is the fleece on the back of the blanket. 

For the border I just used a simple shell edging as I thought it matched the flowers.
And finally the complete blanket being shown to you with the help of supervisor Tallulah.

I've enjoyed making this blanket but I'm now excited about starting another project.
Roll on week 5 of CAL
Have a good week everyone, take care.
Sally  xxx

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Week 3......

Hello Ladies, 
 This is my 3rd week of joining in with Bloomin Crochet-a-Long and I've nearly but
 not quite finished my blanket.
First though, I have finished this.
This is a scarf that I started back in April, that was made from left over yarn 
that I had made a wrap with. The wrap was for my niece, she was going to a 
wedding in Santorini and wanted something for the evening. My eldest daughter
 Jess spotted it and asked for a scarf, so it was started and never finished. But I 
dug it out from the bottom of my basket and decided to finally finish a WIP.

So now I have room for more projects in my basket.
 I have my eye on some lovely mitts that I might have a go of.

So, my Maybelle blanket is nearly finished, but I don't want to show you
 to much otherwise it won't be much
of a Ta-Dah moment when it's finally completed.
But here's a little bit of a preview.
You will have to excuse the lengths of yarn you can see hanging. They are not
 ends that I've yet to sew in.
Hopefully when I post next week it will be finished and all will become clear.

I did have to have some supervision with the putting together of this blanket.
She made it very clear that I was unable to do this alone and help was 
Hope you have all had a lovely week.
Take care.

Sally xxx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Blooming CAL

 Hello Ladies,
This is my 2nd week of joining in with Chrissie from Chrissies Crafts and
 Marianne from Ladybird Diaries, 
with their Bloomin Crochet-A-Long.

I have finally finished all my Maybelle Flower squares for my blanket. 
Next is putting it altogether, I did have ago at doing the join as you go 
method, by my method didn't look very good at all, so I think I will try and 
join them together
 with a DC join. 

Hopefully this time next week I would have joined them all up and be 
starting to think what to do about a 
Hope your all having fun with your Crochet-A-Long.
Take care
Sally xxx

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Ally Pally

  • Hello Ladies,
  • I went to the Knitting and Stitching show on Saturday at the Alexandra Palace, in North London.

It was an amazing day out. The only problem I had was that it was that busy, you were unable to stand still Long enough to take pictures. But the displays and exhibitions we saw were truly wonderful. It really gives you inspiration.
One picture I was able to take, was of a London taxi, that was parked outside and was covered from top to bottom in knitting.

The girl who owns the taxi is an author called Safia Shah and she commisioned The Materialistics to create the amazing cab cover to help promote the "Endangered Words Campaign." It was a lovely touchy freely display and she said the kids love to touch and examine it.
Inside we were met by the other so many other hundreds of ladies, that had come to view and buy. It was a very slow progress in getting about as it was soooo busy and you always seemed to going in the opposite direction to every one else. But it didn't stop us from viewing or buying and we were in no hurry. The only problem I think was that it was so big, I don't believe we actually got to see everything. But what we did see was stunning.
And what did I buy? :)

This Baggie held quite a lot, but we were obviously new to the whole show business, as we had no bags on us and there were ladies with HUGE bags or trolleys to put there goodies in and these bags/trolleys were quickly being filled.
So first I got some books.

The "Crochet Stitches" book I've wanted for awhile as I would quite like to have ago at one of the Fantasy blankets I've seen about. Made from all different stitches. The other two I wanted because they have such lovely projects in them.
Then I got this bad boy and I needed to put him next to an ordinary hook so you would appreciate the size of him.

This rather large hook is used to make rugs with and the rugs I saw were made using yarn. Any and all sorts and they looked fantastic.
Now I used to be a quilter and I have stacks and stacks of fabric. I have 2 filing cabinets full of yardage and fat quarters. Not too long ago I gathered together some of it and tried to sell it on EBay. I had1 buyer for a stack of 10 fat quarters and that was it, I kept re advertising but nothing, so now I have a ton of fabric and wasn't sure what I should do with it.
Then I saw this women's hook and thought of all that fabric. I could use this fabric. I could cut it into strips and mix it with some yarn and I could possibly get some rather cool looking rag rugs. I say could as it COULD be a disaster and not turn out how I imagine. But hey we won't know till we try, so watch this space.
I next bought this sweetie looking package that is a kit for a throw. Now I wouldn't normally buy kits like this, but it is made up of various yarns and fibres. The ones they had on display were knitted in a ripple affect, very much like the crochet ripple blankets you see about blog land . So I thought I would have a go at doing a ripple blanket in a large hook instead of large needles. I'm looking forward to see how it turns out with all the different textures.
Now for my yarns.
These are beautiful fine lace yarns. I have a few patterns for cowls and wraps that I would like to have ago at making.

These are Indian Silk yarns, they are so soft and silky to touch, I saw a beautiful scarf made with them and I could see Christmas gifts flashing through my head, whilst looking at them.

I fell in love with this when I saw it, the photo does it no justice. Perhaps when it's made up you might be able to see it better. But this one is for me. Purple is my favourite colour and this is a really rich, deep, very, very soft to the touch, rub your face in it purple. Don't know what I'll make with it, but I wanted it as soon as I saw it.

Apart from some buttons that I bought, this was my last buy. I have seen some lovely patterns about for crochet socks and I wanted to have a go at making some and thought this would be ideal. It looked lovely crocheted up. They had a blanket on display with all the different colours of this yarn.

I had a fantastic day, even though it was heaving and you had trouble getting to view some stalls. I just wished I'd been able to take some pics to show you, but it was an impossibility. The work we saw there was stunning, the imagination some people have is fantastic.

I've got some lovely yarns to play with, that should keep me going for awhile. Will I need to buy more later? I hope not but who knows.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Take care

Sally xxx

Friday, 11 October 2013


Hello Ladies,

I seem to have had a busy week, but not sure what I've been doing. Had a few exciting moments. One was I took my daughter Amie and her boyfriend to Gatwick airport as they've got a week in Malta.
Now I love the airport. I mean I really, really love the airport. I love the hustle and bustle, I love the smell, I love seeing people with their luggage, wondering where they're going. I love seeing little children with their own wheely luggage, tagging behind Mum and Dad, or seeing them sitting on the suitcase trolleys. I love the restaurants and the shops. I mean even WHSmiths and Boots seem different to me.
So when I did the Gatwick run, I didn't just drop off, no,no, no.
I had to park up and go in for a coffee, just so I could take it all in and do a bit of people watching. It's a good job Amies boyfriend so laid back, well actually it was him that suggested I go in and I wasn't going to turn his offer of a coffee down.

2nd exciting thing this week is after taking delivery of my splendiferous new crochet hooks, I ordered a couple more.
Aren't they super, I know they crochet the same as my other hooks, but the prettiness of them makes me smile.

And 3rdly, tomorrow I'm off to the Kntting and Stitching show at the Ally Pally. I can't wait to view all that luscious yarn. I am going with a bit of a list, otherwise I will come back with loads of bits and none of it will be from my to do list. So go with a list and buy other stuff as well :)

One last thing to share with you, my Grandson. I know some of you already have grandchildren, but this little man is the first in both sides of the family and we tend to get a bit excitable when he's about.This little fellow is now 7 weeks old. He's had a little bit of rough beginning to his start in life and has been a bit poorly, but he's on the mend now and is a happy little fellow.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and hope you all get some yarn time.

Sally xxx


Friday, 4 October 2013


Hello Ladies,

Just a real quickie. I just took delivery of these and wanted to share them with you.

I found these on Etsy. They're made by a lady called Sue Morgan, they are so lovely. They probably crochet the same as my other hooks, but their prettiness makes my crocheting even more splendiferous. They are lovely to hold and feel so comfortable in my hand.

I am so pleased with them, I have already put an order in for some more.

Take care all and have a good week

Sally xxx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Hello Ladies,

I think autumn is finally here in Kent. I see the trees turning from green to reds and oranges. The grass still needs to be cut, but is quite wet in the morning from the heavy dew. My small veggie plot has given up the last of its summer supplies and my flowers are coming to an end. At the weekend I went and bought some winter pansies and some such gorgeous coloured cyclamens. They reminded me of coconut ice.

It seems to soon to have to give up my evening after dinner in the garden, even with the chimnia going to keep the chill away, it's getting to dark to read or crochet. But I do like this time of year, I like to watch the changes as we go from one season to another. I especially like when we have cold frosty mornings, but the sun is out and warm by lunchtime. My Nan always called that Hopping weather, as it would be this time of year they would start bringing the Hops in.

And I finally relented yesterday and wore my boots after dragging them out from the back of the cupboard.  I haven't put my Flip Flops away yet, but I don't think they will see any sunny days now till we go on our Hols.
So with the chilly evenings coming my crochet seems to have turned to winter warmers and maybe a few Christmas presents.
The only problem being I have a few too many projects on the go and my "To Do" list is getting longer. 
It doesn't help when I browse other blogs and see such wonderful work " I need that in my life", I say to myself, "Or I know someone that would".
So I rake around in my yarn stash, to see if I have enough yarn, to make what I've seen and more often or not I haven't so I have to go get or order it. And my stash is getting bigger :)

So, so far I have on the go at the moment, this blanket that I started at the end of August.  I wanted something warm and soft to cuddle up with while I was crocheting all the marvellous Christmas presents everyone is going to get.

I'm probably only about a quarter of the way through it, but it is such a lovely pattern and so nice to do of an evening. I used a yarn that I read a fair few ladies were using called "Stylecraft Life DK" and I wasn't disappointed, it feels lovely and is a dream to crochet with.

Then I saw a blog called "My Rose Valley"  by Annette and she had a lovely motif that I thought would make a perfect lap blanket for my Mum for her birthday. 

I love making these they don't take long and they are so easy. They are called "The Maybelle Flower" motif. I think I'm over half way on this one. I did contact Annette, to ask her preferred method of joining as I tried Join as you Go and it didn't look right. She sent me a lovely email, explaining that she used the Double Crochet method and how to do it. It was wonderful, it was like a mini tutorial. Extremely grateful I was as I had never used this before and now it's something else I've learnt.  Hopefully I'll have it ready for her birthday.

Then while blog browsing I found another lovely blanket being made by Barbara Smith of "Made in K-town". The colours she uses are so yummy. They reminded me of a fresh fruit salad.
I'm a tad rubbish when it comes to picking colours, I always seem to stick to the same ones. Yet when I see other peoples work I always admire their colour choices and wonder why I never think to put those colours together.

She calls it "Dots and Dashes Crochet Throw" and she got it as a free download from Red Heart.
This is a stitch I've never used before, so again it was something new I learnt. I love the texture and the affect you get from using the different colour yarns.

Maybe I should put my Christmas gifts on hold for the moment and concentrate on getting at least one Blankie finished and maybe I should just make note of projects I like and love, instead of trying to do them all.

Take care everyone
Sally xxx