Thursday, 27 June 2013

I need.

Hello everyone,

My name is Sally and I am a crochet-holic. I know this is what I've become :)

I went to my wool shop as I had to get 2 balls of white DK. That was all I needed, ONLY 2 balls.
So why when I walked out did I also have these?

But they are lovely, they are soft, they are squidgy and oh so mmmmm.And they remind me of ice-cream :)
When I got home, I went through my books and decided I would have a go at making a Mandala and my new purchase would be just the yarn that was needed.
It was soooo lovely to work with and it wasnt long before the Mandala was completed.
I was so pleased, I knew just the place for it.
Then I began thinking, you could make place mats for the dinner table, coasters to go with said place mats. Maybe a table runner to match said place mats and coasters.
The only problem was the colours I had, although very lovely, would not go with the colour of my dining room.
So off to the wool shop I went.
And home came these lovelies to join my other lovelies. So now I can make my place mats, my coasters and my table runner.
I think I had better stay away from the wool shop for awhile and get some of my WIP finished. I'm sure I have enough to keep me going for bit.
Sally x


  1. Oh I know the feeling of falling in love and buying yarn we don't need :) That mandala looks lovely, is that from the new Simply Crochet magazine?

    1. Thank you, I think it gave me the boost I needed, as I'm over half way through making a blanket and now not sure if I like it :(
      Yes it was and I also went to Winks blog and she has a few others on there as well.
      When I did a bit more hunting I found that Issue 4 of Simply Crochet has one in it as well.
      Sally x

  2. I can't walk past a yarn store I am definitely a yarn addict x

    1. Yes I know what you mean. When all that yarns loveliness is being displayed just for you.
      Sally x