Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Septembers weekend

Hello Ladies
Oh what a lovely weekend I've had.
Me and Mr S have been promising ourselves a holiday all year, but what with his work and family commitments/issues it wasn't something we had been able to sort out.
Saturday I booked our Hols. In 48 days we fly to Mexico and boy am I excited. I don't care that I am a 40 something nearly 50 year old woman that was skipping around the lounge just after clicking the "Confirm your Payment" button. MEXICO here we come :)
Now all I need is to invest in some acrylic crochet hooks and some lovely yarn to take on the plane.
Does anyone know the rules of flying and crochet hooks. Do they have to be acrylic or can i use my normal ones ?
I'm thinking perhaps two projects are needed to keep me occupied. I've seen a lovely wrap that would be good to make and maybe some motifs for a blanket. Hmmmm definitely need to think on that one.
With 11 hours of flying I need something to keep me busy.

Then on Sunday we went to a Salute to the 40's. I don't know if any of you have heard of Chathams Historic Dockyard", but it is open most of the year and is a maritime museum on part of the site of the former Royal Navy dockyard. It records 400 years of Royal Navy history with 47 scheduled monuments on the 80 acre site.  It also holds many fun and interesting events through the year and "Salute to the 40's" is one of them.
 Me and Mr S had a wonderful day wandering around. Many people of all ages were dressed up and it was lovely to see all the young girls in their dresses and high waisted trousers. With their make-up and bright red lipstick.

They even had a vintage fair. Selling clothing, shoes, jewellery, hats, pictures, books and many other items. There were beautiful vintage bone china tea sets, that reminded me of my Great Grandmother.

They had Fire trucks, Steam trains, Police cars, Army vehicles and Motorcycles

I even found this lady crocheting. With her hair scarf and her pinny, she was like looking at my Nan when I was a very small child.

The day was perfect. The sun was hiding behind the white clouds, but it was warm and just right for a day out wandering. The music and the atmosphere was brilliant. I will definitely consider going again next year.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Sally :) xxx


  1. Good for you getting away to Mexico with your husband. Last I checked any crochet hook was fine on the plane.

  2. I just flew with my crochet hook, and crocheted on the plane. I put the hook in with my pens and pencils and the wool just in my bag along with my half done project. No one batted any eyelid - perhaps that was because of my vast quantity of hand luggage! Anyway, I don't think they will worry, but take a hook that you can bear to loose in case they should take it off you and put a spare in your checked luggage! Happy holiday and happy crochet while you do!

    1. Thanks Amy, I'll go through my hooks and have not favourites in hand luggage. I did also buy a couple of acrylic ones to take with me.
      Sally xxx