Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween Fun

Hello Ladies,
I hope everyone that celebrated Halloween had fun.
 Even though my kids are all grown up, they still like to carve a pumpkin
 as I found out when they all wanted to come for dinner on Thursday. 
So if you can picture 5 adults, all in the kitchen while dinner is 
being cooked. There was pumpkin 
innards everywhere, they were all bickering over who had the 
best hollowing out tool or carving
I really wish now that I had them all on camera, so you could see 
that these adults have not truly 
grown up yet. But they all had fun and the pumpkins looked great.
These are everyone's, including mine and Flynns.

 They didn't take long to make and they fit really nice. Now I think I have some requests for a couple more pairs. Best get that hook working overtime.
 And they're all here again on Sunday, for more food and fireworks.

I've bought myself a wool winder. I had bought quite a few skeins 
of yarn when I went to the knitting and 
stitching show and my friend suggested I get one. It was brilliant,
 I had the skein over the back of the chair and just sat and 
wound the winder, easy peasy. At the end of it I had loads of lovely, 
neat looking little balls of yarn.
 That's also a pic of Flynn in his Halloween outfit, dressed as a 
pumpkin elf, I think watching Daddy and Aunty with their 
pumpkins wore him out.

And lastly I had a go at crocheting some fingerless gloves, it took me a 
few attempts and a lot of huffing and puffing and ripping out and 
starting again. I first found a pattern for some gloves in a magazine 
that  I really liked the look of and thought I would give them ago.
 I don't know if it was because I wasn't reading the pattern right or if it 
was my crocheting tension, but they were way to small and 
even the measurements that they were
giving didn't seem right. So in the end I found another pattern with 
measurements that seemed a bit more realistic and I'm really 
pleased with how they turned out.
I've since had a couple more requests for my gloves, by the girls, so I best get that hook working some overtime.
Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'm going to try and take some pics of our fireworks on Sunday and if you have any, I hope you enjoy yours.
Sally xxx


  1. Well done with the gloves, they are very pretty! Looks like you all had a fabulous Halloween, I am mighty impressed with those pumpkins! The big one gobbling the little one is genius...Chrissie x

    1. Even I was impressed with the pumpkins, till I realised they were downloading and printing their templates of the internet. But it was all good fun and lovely to have all the kids together.
      Sally xxx

  2. The pumpkins look great, I love the idea of a whole bunch of grown ups sitting round carving. My fave is the big one eating the little one! xx

    1. Yes it was nice to have them all together, even if they were throwing pumpkin pips at each other. I think they make more mess than little ones.
      :) xxx

  3. Love the pumpkins, they are so much fun. The fingerless mitts are great, I can see why they are a big hit. But the best picture is of that darling, sleeping little one.

    1. Thank you Meredith, I really enjoyed making the gloves and little Flynn was my favourite pumpkin :)

  4. Love those pumpkins, they are fab! Little Flynn looks so sweet in his pumpkin outfit too. Your fingerless gloves are gorgeous, I love the little bows, I'm not surprised you have had requests to make more!
    Marianne x

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  6. Thank you Marianne, best I get started on those gloves, but I have so many other things to finish, maybe aim for 1 every other day , hmmmm xxx