Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Hello Ladies,

I hope you all had a good a lovely Christmas.
Ours was full of family get togethers, food and drink.
I ate too much and drank FAR to much, but it's only once a year
that we indulge as such and now I'm all Christmased out. So
I'll be back to my Fat Club come the 6th Jan.

I started crocheting again roughly about February/ March 2013
time. The reason being was my son and his wife were going to
have their first baby, our first Grandchild and I wanted to make a
blanket for him. It was a very exciting time.
The last time I had bought any yarn was when my 3 kids were babies
and now I was going to be making something for my sons baby and that was
a good 20+ years ago.I remember going to pick the yarn and just standing
there looking at it all on display in there little cubby holes.
Trying to take in all the different colours.
Some were plain, some were
multi coloured. There was Acrylic, there was cotton, there was
pure wool, a linen blend and then there was all the different textures.
It was like walking into a sweet shop.
Have you ever been somewhere or seen something that so
overwhelms you, that you can't take it all in? That was what I was
like. The lady in the shop must of been used to having people like me,
cooing and aahing over the different yarns. In actual fact I think she
made me worse, by pointing out more lovely yarn that I'd missed.
I remember finally choosing some yarn and getting it home and
wondering if I'd remember HOW to crochet.
Well that was the start of what I now call my hooking addiction.

I've looked back over the last 10 months of crocheting and I'm really
surprised at the amount I have done.
I didn't start blogging till I'd finished my second piece, which was about
June time and I made a Wrap for a friend of mine, so please excuse
the first few pictures.
One thing blogging has taught me, is that I need to try and take a
good photo and take my camera everywhere as you never know
what may catch your eye.
There are 3 baby cardigans in my photos that I knitted as well
and I've included them as feel they were part of my yarn journey
of 2013.
I am really looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings.
I have so many projects wizzing around in my head and see so many
ideas out there in magazines and blogland. I think I've also
learnt loads this year, all the different patterns and motifs
that can be put together to make something special.
Crochet has come such a long way. 20+ years ago.
It was mainly Doileys and Granny Squares and although I love
both, especially the Granny Square I'm enjoying trying different and new
things with my hooks.
Thank you to all of you that sent me get well wishes, I was truly overwhelmed
by your thoughtful comments and they certainly made me feel better.
Take care


  1. How lovely to look back over the year at all those gorgeous makes! And here's to a continued and happy hooky addiction for the new year ahead :-)

    1. I was surprised at how much I had made in the 10 months of starting to crochet again. It's been an enjoyable time.
      Happy New Year
      Sally xxx

  2. Wow, the crochet bug sure has caught you Sally! You have made some beautiful things though. I look forward to seeing what you make and get up to next year. Happy New Year! xx

    1. I'm glad I took pics of my projects, I didn't realise I had made so much.
      Looking forward to more making and sharing in 2014.
      Happy New Year

  3. Sally, Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. I am so glad you decided to pick up that hook and get back into crochet, because that is how we found each other and I am thrilled by our friendship.

    1. Thank you Meredith. I love that crocheting has brought us together to share crafts and family.
      Big hugs

  4. Happy New Year, Sally. It lovely to see all your projects, they all look gorgeous, you've been very busy this year. X