Thursday, 30 January 2014

Mood Blanket #28

Hello Ladies

Hope your all having a good week.
This is week 4 of my Mood Blanket.
I'm still enjoying making it and I love the motif.
It seems to be one of those motifs that looks difficult, but is
so simple.
I know the idea of the mood blanket was to have a different
colour each day depending on your mood, but I'm just loving the
Pink and Purple/Lilac together.

I'm linking up with Hazel again this week at Hazels Crochet, so pop over
if you have time and see what others are doing with their blankets.

Be back hopefully tomorrow with a "Ta Dah!" And I'm quite excited with it.

Take care
Sally xxx


  1. It's so pretty - and if you're loving it, then stick with what you love. Looking forward to the ta dah :-)

  2. it looks gorgeous and i agree with Gill....stick with what you love :)

  3. You are doing well with this! On to a second row! It will be getting quite big in a few more weeks time. xx

  4. This is delightful blanket, I love the colours and a especially love the design - perfect! I might have to put this on my WIP list after I finish the hexie blanket, it is gorgeous! Chrissie x

    1. Thank you Chrissie, this motif is so easy to do and depending on colours you can get so many different affects.
      Hope you had a good weekend
      Sally x