Sunday, 9 June 2013

Black and White

Ok, so I have now rediscovered my love of crocheting. Wasn't really sure what I wanted to make next, so went to my wool shop.
I was in such a dilemma, what colours did I want. In the end i just bought a large selection of different colours and went home and just stared at them. I loved them all, so i needed to make a blanket that would be able to use them all and if I wanted to add more colours I could.
Next big decision was what motif did I want, there are hundreds of them out there to choose from. After going through books and scouring the Internet I decided on two :)

 My first motif is going to be the Granny square it has always been my favourite and I love seeing blankets made from it. But I've found the hexagon and it means I can make a Granny square type blanket but with a patchwork quilt design. Having made many patchwork quilts this means I can combine my two favourite crafts. 

My second motif I found in a magazine and I love the 3D effect it has. As I can't choose between the two, even after making one of each I've decided to make both of them. A black blanket and a white blanket. I am so going to enjoy this, I'm already excited about  picking the different colours and watching them both grow.

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