Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Click click for baby

My son(Aaron) and daughter-in-law(Abby) are expecting their first baby, our first grandchild.
He's due in August and there is a whole hive of activity getting ready for his arrival.
We spent the weekend around their place decorating the nursery, although I think me and the kids were more of a hindrance.
My partner Mr S is a painter and decorator by trade, so really we were just the gofers. What would take us an hour takes him no time at all. And rubbing down is my most dreaded job when it comes to painting.
I have to admit we did spend quite a bit of time supervising and gofering while Mr S did most of the work.
 But the end result was lovely and all that's needed now are the finishing touches.
I saw somewhere on the Internet, some crochet bunting and wondered whether to make some and put Bubba's name on it to string up in the nursery. What do you think?
So with baby coming, I got out the knitting needles, bought some patterns and some lovely babies wool. The choice out there is astounding and found it very hard not to buy one of all :)
The last time I knitted was when my 3 were babies, but you never forget how to knit, and being small size they don't take long to make. So with a click click clicking of my needles, so far I've made these.
This is the first cardi for Bubba....
and the next....
and this dear little one with the hood.
I'm not sure what would be a nice amount for a new born as they grow so quick. I have started a fourth one and have some cream for a fifth. Just need to get some cute little buttons now to finish them off.
What do you think?


  1. Love your knitting for the baby, I believe your new little one is going to look adorable.

    1. Thank you so much. 9 weeks before Bubba comes, providing he's on time. Lol.
      Sally x