Thursday, 13 June 2013

Crochet conundrum

Hello everyone, bit of a gloomy day here in Kent. I dont think we've seen the sunshine for a few days now, it's just been chilly and windy :(

Ok I have a coundrum going on that I hope someone can help me with.

Years and years ago when I was still at school.......actually it doesnt bear thinking about how many years, lol. My mum collected the Golden Hands craft books and it was from these I taught myself to crochet and many other crafts too.
I remember making a couple of granny square throws and attempting a lacy throw made from a pearlised cotton.

When I found a crochet hook  a couple of months ago, in an old bag of knitting needle, that was the start of my new found love of crochet and becoming addicted.
I made a granny square baby blanket first, then a wrap for a friend of mine. The wrap was a pattern from a magazine and very easy to follow. Then I discovered that my treble and the magazines treble were different.

Golden Hands taught me to:
(1) wrap the yarn round the hook, insert hook into stitch, yarn around hook again.
(2) Draw the yarn through. There are now 3 loops on hook. Wrap the yarn around hook once more.
(3) Draw the yarn through the first loop on the hook, leaving 3 loops on the hook.
(4) Wrap the yarn around the hook again and draw the yarn through the first two loops, leaving 2 loops on the hook.
(5)Wrap the yarn around the hook and draw the yarn through the remaining 2 loops to complete stitch.

But the magazines instructions and nearly all other "How to Crochet" books say to:
(1) Yarn around hook, insert hook into stitch, yarn around hook again.
(2) Draw the yarn through, 3 loops on hook,Yarn around hook.
(3) Draw the yarn throught the first 2 loops, leaving 2 loops on hook.
(4) Yarn around hook and draw through the remaining 2 loops.

So the Golden Hands treble is slightly longer. On looking through my collection of books, I have only one that tells me the Golden Hands way and that is a beautiful book called "Essential Crochet" by Erika Knight.

So has the treble changed over the years or has there always been 2 different ways of doing it.

It would be interesting to know what one you ladies use and if you knew there were 2 ways of doing a treble.




  1. Hi just reading the stitch confusion?...the difference between UK and USTerms...all my patterns are in US terms I think easier to understand but my book is in UK terms hehe the publisher insisted check out stitch conversions and it will become clearer
    If not shout
    Sc doesn't exists as a stitch in UK terms it is dc. Very confusion I know...stitch conversions will help
    Hugs x

    1. Thank you, I will look up the stitch conversions and in future check any patterns to see if they are UK or US.
      Sally x