Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Hello Ladies,

Today's post is full of bits, because I haven't finished anything.I just keep starting new projects and even though I told myself yesterday I needed to finish something before I started another project, I didn't and I have.

But first I want to share with you something my youngest daughter Amie made ( I say youngest, she's 24).
When we found out my son and his wife were expecting their first baby, our first grandchild,  she decided she wanted to learn how to knit so she could make something for him. So first she attempted a pair of fingerless gloves, but hadn't even got half way through making the first one, when she got bored and found a monkey that she wanted to have a go at.

I actually didn't think she would finish him as it wasn't the easiest of patterns, especially as he was made of 5 different colours. But she kept going and this was her end result :) .
Just before she finished him, she found another pattern for a blanket elephant toy, I convinced her to finish the monkey first, before starting the elephant.

The elephant was made up using 4 and at one point 5 needles and 4 ply yarn. I have never knitted using 4 needles so I was no help to her, and as for the 4 ply, I have to be honest I didn't think she would finish it.
But she did and I was well pleased for her, any issues she had, she went on YouTube and solved them herself. This elephant is only the 2nd thing she has ever knitted, that's why I wanted to share it with you. So you to can see how brilliant he looks.

I'm sure her nephew to be will love him.

As for me, well I have a blanket on the go, a cushion cover and a shawl I'm making for my neighbour.(I'll tell you more about the shawl in another post). So I have plenty to keep me going and don't really need another project at the moment. Or so I thought until I spotted a beautiful hexagon blanket made by Sue from Sweetpea Family, go take a look :) .I can't tell you how many times I kept going back to her blog, taking another look, trying to convince myself that I needed to finish something first.

But I couldn't wait to finish something and what's another WIP. I emailed Sue to ask her about the pattern and she copied it out and sent it to me, so here is my start. I have a way to go yet before its Sue's size, but I pleased with how it's going and at the moment it seems to be growing quite fast.

Ok 1 more things before I go. While looking at patterns for shawls, I found a few that I liked that are made from a lace yarn. Now I don't mind buying yarn online, but I have to be able to see it and feel it first. Once it's gone through the viewing, touching and squeezing process I am more than happy to buy from an Internet source. 
But this time I thought I would go out on a limb and just buy some. I like the yarn supplier Deramores, if I order before 4pm I think it is, I always manage to get it delivered by the next day and if you spend £25 and over its free delivery. So, I picked a yarn that I liked the look of and waited in anticipation, wondering if I'd done the right thing and if I didn't like it, would I be able to send it back.

Today it came and its gorgeous, it's soft, it's silky and the colours are fabulous.

All I can say is I hope I do this yarn proud. Sometimes when I find such a beautiful looking yarn, I have to put it somewhere, where I can keep seeing it and not wanting to use it. 
But I am actually looking forward to working with it, but......... I am going to make every effort to finish something first. Ha ha ha.
Hope you all have good week.

Sally :) xx


  1. Your daughter's knitting is beautiful, and very good for only starting. The elephant is my fave!

    I love that hexagon, although I can't afford to start another blanket as I already have two on the go already!! So I know how you feel about WIPs!

    1. Thank you, Amie is over the moon with your comments. And as for WIP's it's ok I just finished one, which I'm going to post about tomorrow, so I'm ok to start another, lol.

      Sally :) xx

  2. Both the little toys are lovely, well done to your daughter! Your new yarn looks so gorgeous.
    M x

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments on Amies toys, she's really chuffed.
    As for my new yarn, I can't wait to start using it.

    Sally :) xx

  4. Well done to your daughter she has done a fantastic job, it's a lovely feeling when your daughter takes an interest in crafty things, I was so proud when my daughter managed to crochet a scarf! those toys are quite complicated for a beginner so she should be very proud. I like the look of your hexagon blanket and that yarn is beautiful! but one thing at a time eh? haha we are all the same! :)