Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Hello Ladies,

I have the most loveliest of neighbours you could ever ask for. They are an elderly couple in their middle 80's, both very spritely and are always out and about.
Eve likes to go out every morning, either into town, or to the shopping centre. If she goes into town, she will wander down to the village and catch a bus. She will then catch a bus back, but her husband John drives down to the village and picks her up so she doesn't have to walk up the hill. 
If she goes to the shopping centre, John will drive her out there and they will wander the shops, get their shopping and have a coffee.
In the afternoon, Eve likes to get out in her garden and spend a few hours out there. They are a very active couple.

Three weeks ago, while spending a few days at her daughters, she fell down some steps in the garden and shattered her collar bone. She had to spend 5 days in hospital before she was able to come home, which she found very upsetting.
Her whole routine has had to change and although she excepts she cant do much herself, she does find it quite distressing having to suddenly rely on people helping her. Because she's in a tremendous amount of pain, she is not sleeping very well and is awake quite a bit in the night.
I wanted to make her something that would help cheer her up and as I love making shawls and wraps, decided to make her one.

This was the yarn I bought and it was so lovely to work with. It's. cotton and linen mix and drapes beautifully.
This is a picture without the border and how it looked after adding a border.

I gave it to her today and she was so pleased with it. She had a little cry and said it was extra special because it was made for her. 
I so enjoyed making the shawl and think I need to make one for myself out of my new yarn I bought.

Have a lovely week everyone 

Sally :) xxx

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  1. Sally, aren't you just the nicest person. I bet your neighbor just loved the beautiful shawl and she is right it is special because you made it just for her.