Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Crocheting with cobwebs

Hello Ladies,

I bought some beautiful yarn a couple of weeks ago. I very rarely buy yarn online unless I've seen it first, because I like to touch and feel it and make sure it has the right amount of softness,  squidgyness and bouncyness. But for some reason I decided I liked this yarn that was lace/2ply, so bought it.

The yarn came and I was sooooo pleased, it had all the things I like in a yarn. The colour was soft and scrummy looking and it felt beautiful.
So all I had to do now was find a pattern for it, lol. I know, I bought the yarn knowing I wanted to my a wrap, but hadn't yet decided on a pattern for it. 

After scouring the Internet, I eventually found a pattern I liked. So after sorting out my hook,  getting my daughter Amie to help me turn the skein of wool into a ball of wool and getting myself settled in my fave crochet chair, I started.

I had to make a chain of 118, uh oh. I could barely see it, it was like trying to crochet with cobwebs.
I started to feel like I had run before I could walk, perhaps this yarn was not meant for newbie crocheters. I could hardly see the difference between chains.

I already have to wear glasses for close work, so any reading, crafting or lap topping the glasses go on. In fact, they live on my head, because I need them for most everyday jobs. But even with my glasses I was struggling to see the individual chains. Then when I finally had made the 118 chains, my first row was to DC into each chain. I started to feel a bit deflated, I'd bought this beautiful cobwebby yarn that I couldn't work with.

Then I remembered that I had bought some over the counter glasses, sometime last year that were +3, they magnify that much, you can't see anything with them on unless its right in front of you. I just had to find them.

These are the bad boys I needed. Now I was able to see the individual chains I could now work my DC row.
Once I'd got that row done and started on the next, it seemed a little easier.

It's not the easiest yarn I've worked with, but it certainly is the prettiest. And I know it's going to look amazing when it's finished.

Sally :) xx



  1. That is very pretty. Looking forward to seeing the completed, certainly looks like it is light as a feather.

    1. Thank you Amy, that's exactly what it feels like in your hand, like a feather.

      Sally :) xx

  2. Sally, It think the yarn is extraordinary. Very, very beautiful. When I chain, I always do it wit a hook size one up from the one I am going to use for my project, it helps me see the stitches better and it evens them out so I don't pull too hard and have little tiny stitches I have to crochet into.

    Try it next time and tell me if you like doing it that way.