Monday, 5 August 2013

Bottom Of The Garden

Hello Ladies,

Unfortunately after a 5 year battle, we are having 14 houses built at the bottom of our garden 😞
When we moved here 15 years ago, there was a piece of waste ground that was at the back of us, owned by a couple of neighbours. They originally bought it to stop it being built on, but many years later their children grew up and they in turn had children. This meant that the land became too much for the neighbours to look after especially as they are now into their 80's. So when a developer came calling and offered to buy the land from them, they agreed.

We have tried to think of all sorts of ways to block some of view that we now have, knowing that the building site will become a row of houses.
Then a friend suggested Bamboo, they had bought some Black Cane Bamboo a few months  ago and it grew quite quickly. This idea really appealed to me as it can grow between 10ft and 16ft and it was something that was going to look natural.

Now sometimes I get these brilliant ideas, but they don't always turn out how I imagine, maybe this is because I don't always think things through to the end.
So I went out and bought 3 pots of Bamboo and brought them home ready for planting. Now the idea was to plant them in front of the fence, but apparently when we had the slabs laid at the bottom by the fence, they had to be laid onto hardcore and concrete, so we were unable to dig the area I wanted the Bamboo to go in. I could see my idea slipping away.

Then Mr S, suggested we build a planter for them. Ok that sounded like a plan, but it would have to be a rather large planter. That's ok we'll use decking, it'll be long lasting and they come in 8ft lengths.

So he built the planter, we went and bought the compost and filled it. The fence was already painted green, but I thought it needed to be painted a brown colour, so the Bamboo would stand out more. So he then went and got some fence paint and painted the fence.

I then planted the Bamboo and thought how lovely it looked. It'll be interesting to see how quickly it grows. But it certainly is eye catching when the wind blows it and it has a beautiful rustling sound .

My super idea that I thought was going to fail, was turned around and made possible by Mr S.
So now in the morning, when I sit out with my coffee,  before the builders turn up, I can listen to the birds, the water from the ponds and watch the movement of the Bamboo.
All of that makes a good start to my day. So thank you my brilliant Mr. S.

Hope you all have a good day.

Sally :) xx

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