Friday, 2 August 2013

A Beautiful Day

Hello Ladies,
I don't always sleep well and most nights it might be just four to five hours of sleep I get.
That's why I love the summer, it's so much nicer when the days are long and it gets light very early. I enjoy going out and sitting in the garden, sometimes as dawn is breaking with a cup of coffee and listen to.......... nothing.
The only sound is the birds singing and the water running from the ponds,  otherwise it's so peaceful. Also where it's been hot, it's much nicer hooking early morning outside where it's lovely and cool. 
Then after a while, it's like the world is slowly coming to life, ready to start a new day.

Today was another hottie and even with all the windows open, the house seemed as hot as outside. Neither of the dogs knew where to put themselves, no where seemed cool. So I went and dug out their paddling pool.

As soon as they see that coming out, they get so excited and are in before its even filled up properly.
But it cools them down and they were in and out of it for most of the afternoon.
At one point this afternoon, Amie and I sat with our feet in the paddling pool, enjoying the coolness of the water and an ice cold cider. I can totally understand why the dogs like dipping in and out to keep cool.

I also finished the Wrap I was making for my niece. She's a bridesmaid for her best friend, whose getting married in Santorini and she asked if I would make her one to take away with her.

It's such a lovely pattern and so easy to do. My niece picked the yarn and it has tiny little sequins in it, when the sunshine catches it, it really sparkles.
Unfortunately, the photos don't do the colour any justice. It looks blue, but it's actually a cream and a soft pale grey. I know she's going to love it.
It'll be nice if she can send a couple of photos, wearing her wrap.
Now to go find a new project to do 😉

Hope you all have a lovely day x

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  1. I, just like you have trouble sleeping. I think it is menopause, worries well you know as a Mom there is always so much to think about. I love the shawl, the sequins are so pretty and add just the right amount of sparkle.
    I know your niece is going to love it.
    Hugs to you,