Monday, 29 July 2013

Up and Down

Hello Ladies, 
The last two weeks have been so full on that I've not had a lot of hooky time. 
It's been a very up and down time. When I first started my blog, I thought it would be all about crochet and fun times. But I can see from other posts that sometimes it's good to have a little rant or moan and share the not so good with the great. 
There might be someone who can relate to what your saying and understand how you may feel. My down time was last week when I had to take my mum to the hospital and be told she has Alzheimer. I knew she was suffering and I knew that this was possibly the reason for her forgetfulness and sometimes her change in moods. So I went with what I thought would be the worst case scenario and that was be told she had Alzheimers, but that's ok because there is medication that although wont cure, but will slow the process. So my mum will still be with me for a long while yet.
Unfortunately this was not the case. Yes it was confirmed she has Alzheimer's, but NO to the medication. Because she is already on certain tablets for a heart condition, they will not agree with the tablets for Alzheimers. So we came away very down, Mum not fully understanding the seriousness of it all. 
When I got home I sat in the garden with a very large coffee and Talulah came and sat with me.
And with fusses and cuddles, things didn't seem to bad. She gives amazing therapy and always makes me feel better.
Then I finished my cushion that I had been making and as that was another WIP finished, I got a good satisfied feeling.

I can see many faults with my cushion, but its my first and as I'm a complete novice I learnt a lot from it. And for me, my cats and crochet were my up for a down day.

Sally :) x


  1. I'm so sorry about your Mother's diagnosis. Went through something similar with my own mother. Our dear animal friends do give so much comfort, as does the steady rhythm of crochet. Your cushion is so pretty. My best wishes to you for comfort and strength.

    1. Thank you, it's makes it easier when you know that others know what you're going through. Crochet is definitely a marvellous form of feel good therapy.

      Sally x

  2. I am very sorry to hear about your mum, it must be very hard. I hope you can cope ok, and I am sure your kitty will give you comfort :)

  3. Thank you Hazel. She is a brilliant calmer.

    Sally :). X

  4. Oh my goodness you sweet thing. Such horrible news I am sure you are devastated. Both my parents are elderly and not doing well, it is so, so hard to watch and be a part of. My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.