Friday, 12 July 2013

2 Down 1 to go

Hello Ladies,

I've had a lovely slow week. No rushing off to appointments or trying to sort out stuff that gets put off, because it gets put to one side and you promise yourself it will be sorted later. As I said it's been lovely, just what was needed I think.

I finished my Flower Blanket and was in two minds what to do. I had 3  Patchwork Quilts that were waiting to be finished. I completed one a few weeks ago and it was lovely to see it finally finished, so I thought perhaps before I start another crochet project I would dig them out and see how much was left on them to do.

This one was made using the English Paper Piecing method.

It was all folded and wrapped up in tissue paper, I cant even remember why I stopped making it. I only had just under half of it left to hand quilt and then to finish the edging.
I enjoyed making this, English Paper Piecing is my favourite method for Patchwork.
I have since found that with all the different crochet techniques that are available, you could also reproduce something like this with yarn and a hook.
This I might have a go at.
So now I have one more left to finish. I have a bit more to do on the last one I haven't even got it sandwiched yet.
But enough of quilting for the time being and back to playing with my hook.
And I have even had my next project decided for me :)
My niece is going to be Chief Bridesmaid for her friends wedding in Santorini.
She asked me a few weeks ago if I would make her a wrap to take with her.
She came yesterday with her yarn and a big smile.
This is what she chose. I really think I'm rubbish at taking photos and these pictures do not do the yarn any justice at all.
Its called Galaxy by King Cole , and it's such a pretty a pretty yarn
So soft and light, it even has twinkly sequins in it. I cant wait to start making her wrap and see how it makes up.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I think my son has planned a BBQ for tomorrow at our house, which is good as he'll do the cooking :)
Sally x

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  1. That is a lovely quilt, and you totally could reproduce that in crochet...I would be intrigued to see what you come up with :)