Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Crocheting And A Good Read

Hello Ladies,

Time seems to be zooming by. I can't believe that just over 2 weeks ago my grandson  Flynn was born. We all went to a very good friend of the family's wedding at the weekend, taking Flynn with us.
I just wanted to show you his very posh wedding outfit.

He was such a good boy, even behaved himself through the speeches.

My daughter Jess and her partner went on holiday for two weeks, so this little boy came and stayed.
I say little but he's only 6 months and quite big.

 I forgot how much energy puppy's have and how much attention they need. I had toys strewn from one end of the house to the other and as fast as I was putting them away, they were out again. He loved going over the fields for a run and running seemed effortless to him.
He's gone home now and the house seems too quiet. I think my two dogs are quite releived, they are 10 and 9 and I think he was too energetic for them. 

I want to tell you about a brilliant book I have just read. I have always said my reading genre was adult Fantasy, but my kids tell me I shouldn't call it that as it sounds like I'm into porn. They call it Sword and Sorcery. 
I know we all have different reading tastes, so if there are any of you that like reading "Sword and Sorcery" I fully recommend you read "The Painted Man" by Peter V Brett. I haven't got much crocheting done these last couple of weeks because of this book. I have been glued to it. And when I finished it, I was straight onto Amazon, looking to see if there was a second book. Not only  did I find the second book called "The Desert Spear" I found the third called  "The Daylight Wars".
I have read all three in just under two weeks and now feel a bit deflated as its finished and I have to wait for Mr Peter V Brett to finish the fourth. 
"So if you do happen to read the odd crochet blog Mr Brett, can you please HURRY UP, I need to know what happens next".

As for crocheting, I have completed another wrap/shawl. This is my 4th one and its  for my daughter Amie. She picked a lovely yarn called "Araucania", its a hand dyed yarn from Chile and it was lovely to work with, when made up it feels all soft and springy.

Originally she picked a shawl from Ravelry  called Southbay Shawlett, then when she was looking at my blogs, she found a shawl that Meredith from Mereknits had made, called "Elise Shawl" and decided that it was a nicer one. Meredith said she got it completed in four days and was so easy to do. It did take me longer than that, maybe just over a week, but I blame Mr. Brett, for writing such a brilliant book.

It was a lovely shawl to make and as Meredith said easy and quick.

 Now to perhaps finish one of my WIP's. Or start making my Christmas list of who I want to make for and what to make them.

See you soon ladies, take care.

Sally xxx


  1. Flynn looks super in his wedding outfit. He is obviously going to be a socialite if he is out at weddings at just 2 weeks old. Hope that puppy enjoyed his time with you and that your doggies have recovered! Great shawl.

  2. What a beautiful shawl, such a lovely colour of yarn. And baby Flynn looks so sweet in his little wedding outfit.
    M x