Monday, 2 September 2013

The Weekend

Hello Ladies,

I hope you all had a good weekend. I had a couple of nice surprises for mine.
First one was when I got home from visiting my mum on Saturday, Mr. S had started tiling the kitchen. We were supposed to have someone come and do it for us but what with one thing and another, he was unable to. 
So Mr. S decided to do it himself and when I got home he'd already got over half of it done. I was really pleased with how it was looking. We'd had the ceiling replastered, all the new cupboards have been fitted, with my new dishwasher, that works like a dream. I love my dishwasher and have always wanted one, but never had the room in the kitchen. So when we was ripping out the old and putting in the new, that was the main thing I wanted.
The walls had been painted, so all that was left was tiling and flooring.
Now the tiling has been completed and I would just like to say a huge "Thank you" as I know he has been ultra busy with work. So completeting that for me was wonderful.

The second surprise of my weekend was yarn finding.
My youngest daughter Amie wanted to go to Blue Water on Sunday. Now some people find this quite odd, but I'm not a lover of shopping. Wandering in and out of shops browsing, does not appeal to me, and if the shop has a sale on and there are rails all over and the shop is all higgeldy piggeldy, then I just have to walk back out. But she only wanted to go to a couple of shops, so that and lunch sounded good.
A friend of Amies at work, told her that John Lewis had a small craft section so after lunch we went to have a look.
I know I'm a newbie to the whole crocheting and yarn buying, so many of you ladies probably already know what I'm about to share.
Years ago when my children were babies and toddlers, we had a fair few wool shops in our area, but slowly, maybe because of the recession back then, they slowly closed down one by one. So when I started to crochet again, there hasn't been a huge choice of yarns or many yarn shops locally to me. There is a huge amount of choice online, but I do like to feel, squeeze and view yarn, before buying.
So when I went into John Lewis, can you imagine how I felt when I saw this.

I have found yarn heaven. It was so lovely just to stand and coo, poke, feel, squeeeeeeeeezzzzze and admire.
Did I want to buy some? Hell yeah. I could of filled baskets with it all, but I gave myself a good talking to. I don't need anymore more yarn at the moment, I have 5/6 WIP going at the moment, with plenty of surplus yarn to start more.
So I took some pics and walked away.
"Phew that was a close one, thought we was going to need help getting to the car with all the bags of yarn." Said Amie
"No I don't need any more yarn today, maybe I'll pop back later in the week."


  1. Hope you enjoyed your "feel and poke"!! I think popping back alone is the way to go, then who will know what came back with you...... I like the way this is a "small craft section". Kitchen looks great too - well done hubby for such great work!

    1. Definitely going back alone, but with so much choice I think you need to go with something in mind........ Yes I do have a couple of ideas. Oh how I love yarn. :)
      Sally xxx

  2. Wow you have exceptional restraint. But now you know where to go when you need a yarn pick me up.
    Hugs to you Sally,

    1. I think I was only restrained because there was so much to choose from, I didn't know what I wanted to make with what. I also had a job trying to take it all in. Lol.
      I'll be able to go back with a couple of ideas on what to make.

      Sally xxx

  3. Your kitchen is looking good so far!!

    Oh I love the John Lewis yarn section, it is so good to go and admire all of their yarn!!

    1. Oooooh, you to have experienced the John Lewis yarn section. I can't believe I only found it Sunday. I was not expecting a Department Store to be selling yarn. Looks like I've got a new best friend :)

      Sally xxx

  4. oh! oh! oh! hyperentilating hehehe...nothing better than a poke and a squeeze is there?
    How did you manage NOT to buy something? going back on your own so you wont feel guilty hey? know that one no one to watch you lol.
    Left you a reply to stretched cushion covers...hope it helps?
    WOW! Love the kitchen and the new tiles, sounds like you have a special guy like me, the man did good!
    Think I might need to track down my nearest John Lewis lol
    Hugs x

  5. Oh what gorgeous looking yarn. I love going to John Lewis to admire all the yarn too although I don't get to go very often! You did well not too succumb...
    M x

    1. John Lewis was not a place I expected to find craft items or yarn.
      I think I was to over awed by the amount I was looking at, to decide that I would buy some.
      But I can go back with perhaps a project in mind when I have perhaps completed a WIP or two :)

      Sally xxx

  6. I know it looks good all that lovely yarn BUT John Lewis yarn is very expensive. I like to go and feel, see the colours and the textures, note the price and label, then I go on line and see if I can find it cheaper. I usually can and yes I know there's p&p but in some cases it still works our cheaper. The kitchen tiling is looking good! :)