Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mexico and back again

Hello everyone,
I'm back from my holidays and what a fantastic time we had.
I don't want to bore you with loads of photos, but I do want to share with you the beatifullnes
of where we stayed in Mexico.
First we have the start of our holidays and that's going to Gatwick.
I love the airport, I don't know why and my kids think I'm a loon.
But I love the atmosphere and the excitement of getting sorted to get
you on the plane, that's going to whisk you away.
The flight was 11 hours, which I was a little unsure about. How do you keep
yourself occupied sitting down for that length of time. So I went armed with iPod, iPad,
kindle and crocheting. I did plenty of reading and crocheting and watched a couple of
good films on the TV and before I knew it we was getting ready to land.
These are piccy's of our hotel, the view from our room and the beach.
Everyday the sky and the water seemed to be a different colour. I'm not a very good
photo taker, so trying to capture the so many colours of the sea and
sky I found quite hard. A couple of days we had rain, one moment the sun
would shine, then the heavens would open and it would be like a bucket
being poured over you, then it would stop and the sun was out again

These are a few pics in and around our hotel.
I took loads, but choosing what ones to share
without boring you was difficult
We went on a trip to a place called Xcaret, which is a Mayan Eco
archaeological theme park. We spent the day there, swimming the lazy river at the beginning
of the day and wandering back through the park afterwards.
I know we missed so much and I think you need a good
couple of days to be able to see everything they have there.
We stayed for the 2 shows in the evening
which helps explain a bit of the Mayan history.
If you do ever get the chance to visit Mexico, then this is one trip I would
recommend you to go on. It is suitable for all ages, whether you have little
ones or elderly ones with you.
Our time there went so quickly, but I was ready to come home and looking forward
to seeing everyone.
I was prepared for it to be cold and us to feel the cold more so, as we had been in
warmer climes. But the cold, damp foginess is still a shock to my body.
Once back indoors, the heating and the fire went on and I think it will be like that for
the next few days.
I have some Bloggy catching up to do, so bear with me and I'll do my best
to get back up to date.
Take care
Sally xxx


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Mexico - where did you stay, it looks beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your photos - Xcaret looked amazing.
    Bet you're glad to be back to the cold and grey (I don't think)!
    Gill xx

    1. Thank you Gill, we stayed in Cancun at a lovely hotel called the Golden Parnassus. Would definitely go back. xxx

  2. It looks as though you had a wonderful time, thank you for sharing these photos. xx

    1. Thanks Amy, it was worth the long flight, such a beautiful place xxx

  3. Oooooh looks like you had a great time, and lots of lovely photos! I am envious he he x

    1. We had a fantastic time and I'm rubbish photo taker, so I was uite pleased with some of them :)

  4. Hola! Wonderful photos, certainly taking the chill out of this cold wintry evening! Nice to have you back, Chrissie x

    1. Thanks Chrissie, lovely holiday, but nice to be back. Even if it's cold and gloomy. Looking forward to joining in with Bloomin again. Xxx

  5. Wow! What a wonderful vacation! I am so jealous... can't remember the last vacation we went on :D You did a great job of showing off your photos... I for one am never bored with beautiful photos of beaches :D
    Hugs and stay warm my sweet blogging sister,
    Beth P

    1. Thank you Beth, not a very good photo taker, but some came out ok.
      Beach walking was heaven :) xxx

  6. Oh it looks like it was a gorgeous place to visit. I have been to Telum for a visit and I was enchanted. The water was a brilliant blue, we snorkeled in caves and had lovely walks on the beach.
    Hugs to you and glad you are home safe and sound,

  7. It's definitely a place to go back to. We were told we were only just over an hour from the US and I saw our flight path was past Florida. It felt like we were not too far from you.
    Thank you with hugs xxx