Friday, 13 December 2013

Bloomin CAL

Hello Ladies,
I went away on Holiday with projects to hand and in mind.
I'd finished my Mums blanket and had really enjoyed making it.
When I came back I wasn't happy with the projects I'd taken, I kept
laying them out, trying to get motivated. But they ended up being
undone or shoved in a basket to deal with later.
Then I decided to do some Christmas motifs.
I sat and did them on
and off for a few days, but even them I couldn't settle too.
Even though I'd made enough for some bunting I just put them away
In a Baggie.
I wondered if it was because I had too many projects wizzing around
in my head and I had crochet overload. I even went and got all
my yarn out and sat in front of it. Pondering.
I looked at all my yarn, I have so much, all different colours and
textures. I needed to make something with what I had and there
be no buying involved ( well maybe a little if I have to add to it).
Then I remembered that when I joined Crissie and Marianne's CAL
they originally started Bloomin CAL with a hexagon flower motif from
Nicki Trench's book "Crochet with a Flowers".
So I went and dug out my copy, found the flower motif and made one.
This was it, this was what I needed to crochet. They are so lovely to do
and they look amazing.
I would like to make enough for the double bed, in the girls old room.
Haven't yet worked out how many I would need, but I would like to think
I'll stick at it and finish it.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Sally xxx


  1. Your Christmas makes look lovely, they would make beautiful bunting. And I agree, the hexies are really pretty x

  2. I love all of your crochet but especially love these hexi flowers. You have a lovely way of combining all the colors, they are just so beautiful together. Hugs, Meredith

  3. Your christmas motifs would make a great garland for Christmas, just string them on some ribbon and job done! Your hexi's are looking beautiful, I am sure that the finished blanket will be beautiful. Glad that you got inspired. Hope you have a great weekend. xx

  4. your African flowers look so pretty... a huge project to do a blanket, but it would be a keeper!

  5. Aw lovely Christmas crochet! and the hexes are looking great x

  6. Your african flowers look lovely! I will need to try making them sometime soon!!

    And Jess is definitely as snuggly to cuddle as she looks!

  7. Love your Christmas crochet makes...they would indeed make a gorgeous bunting. Your hexies are very pretty too. I will add your link to my CAL post.
    Marianne xx