Thursday, 12 December 2013

Deck The Halls

Hello Ladies,
This is why I love Christmas and the lead up to it.
First it was my Mums birthday on Saturday and as some of you may
know she has Alzheimers. She's not at the stage where she
doesn't know any of us yet, but she does have the most oddest
of ideas and come out with the weirdest of comments.

I made her a Lap Blanket for her and backed it with fleece,
because at the moment she believes if it's not fleecey it's not warm.
And I'm glad to say it passed with flying colours. So pleased with it in
fact she wanted to throw her other one out, but we managed to convince
her it might be needed at a later date. We quietly folded it and put it
away in the cupboard.
 Secondly, I put the tree up Saturday afternoon whilst watching Muppets
Christmas Carol. This was always the kids favourite Christmas film
And every year it went on while decorating tree and house with mugs
of hot chocolate. Now they're grow and have places of their own, but both my girls
own a copy of this film and on it goes when they put their tree up. The only
difference was I had a large glass of red wine instead of hot chocolate.

Sunday I was up early making my Christmas cake.
Quite a few years ago, my friend gave me a recipe for a Christmas cake that
could be made last minute and it has become a huge hit in the Hill house.
The fruit is soaked in Cointreau for a couple of days and the cake mix is a light
mix instead of a dark fruit mix. Which I find much nicer as it's not so rich.

Then late Sunday morning my Dad came to visit. We don't get to see my
Dad often as he lives quite a distance to us, so it's always lovely when we do
get together. This time was also extra special as this was the first time he got
To see his Great Grandson Flynn, who is now 14 weeks.

We booked a table for Sunday lunch and  all the kids and
their partners were able to come as well.
So at the table was this family of 4 generations.

At some point through the meal, I sat back and watched my family
and realised that no matter how much crap I have to deal with
and we all know that life isn't perfect, how lucky I am to have such
a loving, caring family.
And that is what I love about December, we all make that extra effort
to see family or friends, that for some reason or another we haven't seen
for a while.
See you all soon
Sally xxx


  1. Ah Sally, you have brought a smile to my face this morning. You are so right, we all have so much to be thankful for. And yes there is always a lot of crap! Love the blanket, so glad your Mum declared that she likes it. I know you put so much thought into it. Can Flynn be 14 weeks old already? He is adorable.

  2. Your blanket for your Mum is so pretty, almost looks like baubles in the snow. I hope one day I will be as clever as you. Yes, aren't we lucky to have family and friends - even though they drive us batty sometimes :o)

  3. I am really pleased to hear your Mum accepted your blanket and decided not to throw it out. Families aren't perfect, but this time of year is lovely for spending time with them all!

  4. The blanket is great and I am glad that your mum was so happy with it. Glad you have been enjoying quality time with your family.
    Marianne x

  5. All of your decorations look lovely. I am so glad that your Mum liked the new blanket - the fleece must have done the trick! Sometimes it is hard to go with the flow with the odd comments, but you just have to don't you. I hope that you are enjoying your christmas preparations as much as I have enjoyed your pictures (i.e. lots!). xx