Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bloomin catchup

Hello Ladies

I've got a couple of weeks catchup to do for my Bloomin CAL,
So For my week 5 I managed to get my Pink and Green scarf finished.
It is supposed to be what is called an infinity scarf and I have joined it, but
It's quite chunky and I don't think it sits very well, so I'm thinking of undoing the join,
and maybe adding a bit of fringing or some small pom-poms.

For weeks 5 and 6, I was away but did take some crocheting with me.

This was meant to be a wrap, but I discovered that my tension was quite noticeably
different from when I crocheted on the plane to crocheting at the apartment on holiday. I don't know if this is because of the heat and the humidity makes holding the yarn tighter, but I didn't think I would get away with just leaving it. Also it would be different again, when flying home or crocheting back at home, so it then became the bottom photo :(
I also took this,

I bought this yarn, back at the beginning of summer. It's a beautiful lace yarn 
And it reminds me of cobwebs. What I originally bought it for I decided
 I didn't really like, so it's been sitting in a box waiting to be used
Then I found a pattern for a scarf that looked lovely and I thought 
would suit the yarn.But the pattern is just made up of Chain st and
 DC st and after awhile I got bored.
 And because it's such a fine yarn it was taking an age to grow.
 So that project went out the window.

                                     But since being home, I have found this.

              This is a scarf or wrap that is made up of motifs that you join as you go.

                                    This one I think I will be able to finish.
                                     Now onto my Week 7 of Bloomin CAL.
                                          I found this pattern on Ravelry
                              It is a pattern for some Christmas Bunting.
                When we got back home, I realised it was only 4 weeks till Christmas
              and I really wanted to have some crocheting strewn round the house, so
                  I thought these and perhaps some stars and snowflakes would look
                pretty darn good. Not sure whether to decorate them with some beads
                                      and twinkle or just leave them plain.
Anyway, it's good to be back and looking forward to see what you are all doing.
                                                       Take care
                                                        Sally xxx

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mexico and back again

Hello everyone,
I'm back from my holidays and what a fantastic time we had.
I don't want to bore you with loads of photos, but I do want to share with you the beatifullnes
of where we stayed in Mexico.
First we have the start of our holidays and that's going to Gatwick.
I love the airport, I don't know why and my kids think I'm a loon.
But I love the atmosphere and the excitement of getting sorted to get
you on the plane, that's going to whisk you away.
The flight was 11 hours, which I was a little unsure about. How do you keep
yourself occupied sitting down for that length of time. So I went armed with iPod, iPad,
kindle and crocheting. I did plenty of reading and crocheting and watched a couple of
good films on the TV and before I knew it we was getting ready to land.
These are piccy's of our hotel, the view from our room and the beach.
Everyday the sky and the water seemed to be a different colour. I'm not a very good
photo taker, so trying to capture the so many colours of the sea and
sky I found quite hard. A couple of days we had rain, one moment the sun
would shine, then the heavens would open and it would be like a bucket
being poured over you, then it would stop and the sun was out again

These are a few pics in and around our hotel.
I took loads, but choosing what ones to share
without boring you was difficult
We went on a trip to a place called Xcaret, which is a Mayan Eco
archaeological theme park. We spent the day there, swimming the lazy river at the beginning
of the day and wandering back through the park afterwards.
I know we missed so much and I think you need a good
couple of days to be able to see everything they have there.
We stayed for the 2 shows in the evening
which helps explain a bit of the Mayan history.
If you do ever get the chance to visit Mexico, then this is one trip I would
recommend you to go on. It is suitable for all ages, whether you have little
ones or elderly ones with you.
Our time there went so quickly, but I was ready to come home and looking forward
to seeing everyone.
I was prepared for it to be cold and us to feel the cold more so, as we had been in
warmer climes. But the cold, damp foginess is still a shock to my body.
Once back indoors, the heating and the fire went on and I think it will be like that for
the next few days.
I have some Bloggy catching up to do, so bear with me and I'll do my best
to get back up to date.
Take care
Sally xxx

Friday, 8 November 2013

Bloomin week 4

Hello Ladies,
This is my 4th week of Bloomin CAL and to be honest I haven't really done much this week.
I did go to my local wool shop to get some size 8mm knitting needles to have a go at making the kit of a Throw that I bought at the knitting and stitching show and ended up buying some lovely yarn in colours I seem to be going for at the moment, Pink and Green.
I have never been a Pink girl, whether it be decor, clothes, nail polish or lippy. But suddenly I seem to like Pink and Green together and this yarn just shouted at me from across the shop. So I bought some and have been making this scarf.
I won't be around for the next 2 CAL's either as I'm off on my Holibobs to Mexico. But I won't be idle as our flight is 11 hours, so I've sorted out 3 crochet projects to take with me. I thought 3 would be good as I could alternate between them. With it taking 11 hours there and 11 back, I'd like to think I would have something completed for all my sitting time.
Now Mr.S can sleep on a plane and he'll probably have a good few hours sleepage, while I, can't sleep on a plane at all, no matter how tired I am. So while he's sleeping I need entertaining. So I have plenty of books, plus I bought seasons 1 to 4 of "The Vampire Diaries" ( my guilty pleasure), music and of course my crocheting. That should be enough to keep me occupied I hope.
Take care everyone and I'll catch up with you all in a couple of weeks.
Sally xxx

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween Fun

Hello Ladies,
I hope everyone that celebrated Halloween had fun.
 Even though my kids are all grown up, they still like to carve a pumpkin
 as I found out when they all wanted to come for dinner on Thursday. 
So if you can picture 5 adults, all in the kitchen while dinner is 
being cooked. There was pumpkin 
innards everywhere, they were all bickering over who had the 
best hollowing out tool or carving
I really wish now that I had them all on camera, so you could see 
that these adults have not truly 
grown up yet. But they all had fun and the pumpkins looked great.
These are everyone's, including mine and Flynns.

 They didn't take long to make and they fit really nice. Now I think I have some requests for a couple more pairs. Best get that hook working overtime.
 And they're all here again on Sunday, for more food and fireworks.

I've bought myself a wool winder. I had bought quite a few skeins 
of yarn when I went to the knitting and 
stitching show and my friend suggested I get one. It was brilliant,
 I had the skein over the back of the chair and just sat and 
wound the winder, easy peasy. At the end of it I had loads of lovely, 
neat looking little balls of yarn.
 That's also a pic of Flynn in his Halloween outfit, dressed as a 
pumpkin elf, I think watching Daddy and Aunty with their 
pumpkins wore him out.

And lastly I had a go at crocheting some fingerless gloves, it took me a 
few attempts and a lot of huffing and puffing and ripping out and 
starting again. I first found a pattern for some gloves in a magazine 
that  I really liked the look of and thought I would give them ago.
 I don't know if it was because I wasn't reading the pattern right or if it 
was my crocheting tension, but they were way to small and 
even the measurements that they were
giving didn't seem right. So in the end I found another pattern with 
measurements that seemed a bit more realistic and I'm really 
pleased with how they turned out.
I've since had a couple more requests for my gloves, by the girls, so I best get that hook working some overtime.
Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'm going to try and take some pics of our fireworks on Sunday and if you have any, I hope you enjoy yours.
Sally xxx